IWI Named Their New Rifle After Me (Not Really), The DAN .338 LAPUA Bolt Action

June 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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It looks like IWI named their new .338 LAPUA rifle after me (not really… probably not anyway).

Here is some info from the currently available sales brochure:

The DAN Bolt Action Sniper Rifle reflects years of battlefield experience, including a variety of features enabling the sniper to perfectly aim and precisely shoot the first round.

The Dan was specially developed and designed for the military, police entities and law enforcements agencies worldwide.

Loyal to IWI tradition, the DAN Bolt Action Sniper Rifle incorporates state of the art human engineering and exceptional reliability even in the harshest weather conditions.

The DAN was developed in close cooperation with the IDF Special Forces, and together have created the ultimate bolt action sniper rifle.

The innovative DAN Bolt Action Sniper Rifle operates with LAPUA Magnum .338 ammunition, delivering outstanding accuracy for long distances of more than 1200 m.

The Dan has been tested in adverse and extreme conditions. The Dan proved excellent performance with high precision, accuracy, reliability and enhanced human ergonomics.

Once again, to clarify, when they mention “The Dan,” they probably aren’t talking about me (or are they? [no, they aren’t]).

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