Cutting Through the Hype of the Defensive .410 Revolver; Reviews of the Taurus Judge

September 12 2012
by GSL Staff
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David Higginbotham, of, has an excellent write up that cuts through some of the hype of small, .410 revolvers for self defense.

Generally, we tend to agree with his findings. The Judge is a neat conversation piece, a unique plinker, and a very good snake gun, but given the availability of other, more capable self defense guns at the same price point, it’s hard to actually recommend the Judge in a solely self defense role.

The Box o’ Truth also has some good testing on the Judge showing it’s capabilities (or possibly lack thereof, depending on application):

Finally, Youtube mega reviewer Hickok45 puts the Judge through it’s paces in this video


I’ll leave the final decision up to you, but if I’m going to be using a shotgun for self defense I want it to be a long gun and chambered for 20 or 12 gauge. I know, I know, there are new .410 loads made specifically for .410 handguns. That said, do you really want to have to buy a specific type of ammo, offered by only 1 or 2 manufacturers when you could simply go with a common handgun caliber and get good ammo from almost anywhere?

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