[911 Call] GunsSaveLives Writer’s Attempted SWATting

April 7 2015
by Sam Cadle
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Let me begin this article with my story.  On March 5th I went outside with my body armor kit, AR15, camera equipment for a quick photo shoot.  I took an unloaded rifle, placed an empty magazine in it and took the photos I needed to take.  When I was finished with my rifle I removed the magazine from the rifle, took a few last photos.  I then picked everything up, and began walking to my house with camera bags over my shoulder.  About 80 yards off I saw a male standing on a path to my right.  I was carrying my rifle by the butt stock, pointed at the ground and walked back into my courtyard and into my house.  I was never any closer to the individual than 80 yards, I never spoke to the individual and I never pointed my rifle anywhere but at the ground.  Before coming out the officer responding called the 911 caller to get further info, at that time he told the officer that I had words with him to the effect of “mind your own business” and gave him a “scary stare” before retreating my house.  He was at this point trying to influence the response of the deputies.

Well over an hour later the police showed up to investigate what he had reported.  Have a listen to the video above to see the discrepancy as to what the caller reported to 911 and told the officer against my version of events.  Part of the call he describes me as wearing “desert storm fatigues.” Below is a picture of what I was wearing… I happen to be in handcuffs here because of the report.  I would like to note that those are 5.11 pants and a dark gray t-shirt.  Yes, I was detained in cuffs my private property so that they could take my side arm from me and get my name or charge me with obstructing a law enforcement officer.  Hopefully this helps to lend credence to my story.  Listening to the lies and intentional, deliberate use of “anti-gun” buzz words is chilling to listen to.



Back in the August-October 2014 time frame several stories came out that called for people in the anti-gun cowed to call 911 on legally armed citizens and exaggerate the call to try and get those open carrying shot by police.  What they are doing is a crime in most places, but they are truly advocating for those with firearms that are not committing a crime to be shot, using police as their executioners.  Below is a tweet sent out last year advocating this.  Bearing Arms has also captured many of the posts about this, here and here.  National Review also did an article on this subject, which can be found here.



I have absolutely zero doubt in my mind that this is what happened to me.  The gross misrepresentation of what I was actually doing were too far fetched just to be coincidence or someone that is just that stupid.  Many may not know that I was a former 911 call taker and dispatcher.  This call to me, as someone seasoned in taking calls like this screams fabricated.  Why? Because he has every detail (some of which I have redacted for my privacy) on where to find me, what I looked like and what I had.  That is not typical of someone who sees something and is fearful of them.  Also what he told the deputies when they called him was calculated and a total fabrication.

This fellow went home, looked up my exact address and made sure to note what the building looks like to let them know where I was.  He also attempts to down play what he is doing when he says “it might be a pellet gun for all I know” looking for approval for what he was calling about.  Of course the 911 dispatcher gives him a good old pat on the back.  This is typical of callers that are lying.  They look for validation and someone to give them an atta-boy for their actions.

This caller even told the dispatcher that he “took a picture, because I wanted to remember the place.  I would never have tooken [sic] a picture if he would have saw me because crazy shoot me or something.”  Using fear that I might shoot him over taking a picture in a public place as a way to get someone to come out.   One last thing that struck me about the call.  When you learn to give descriptions for law enforcement of subjects or suspects you are taught top to bottom, outside in.  Later in the call he tells the 911 dispatcher “here is his description from the top down.” Which is kind of damning in that he knows how to give a description and what words to use.  As a writer someone once told me that words have meaning, so listen to them.  This caller used words in a way and uses terminology and brevity known to law enforcement.

By the way, this is a photo from that shoot… Notice the muzzle down cant of my rifle.  This was taken in a private field, behind my home.  This is somewhere that I have taken hundreds of photos of firearms related things, none of which would have ever been used in an unsafe manner.  This 911 call was a calculated action taken by someone that was out to see harm brought to me. I had a camera around my neck the entire time, you could not miss the camera I had with me.

2015-03-05 14.07.44

I would also like to add that I committed no crime that day.  I am very well versed in firearms law in my state.  Even the deputies told me that I was free to go and that no crime was committed when all was said and done.  To start with I asked if I was suspected of committing a crime, and was told that I was not.  When I was asked to provide ID, I refused because I was within my rights to do so.  Some might disagree with that position, but that was my assertion and I was not providing any further information that what I was required by law to provide.  After refusing I was detained, simply to get my name and DOB to run.  Prior to being detained I was told I was not suspected of a crime, so I still fail to see where the reasonable suspicion came from without backtracking.  After being detained I provided as little information as possible, making sure that I was acting within the law.  I provided my name and DOB and told them what I was doing, showed them the above photo and asked to either be arrested and charged or let go.  I was at this point released.

They treated my significant other like a criminal as well because she was going to film the encounter, even though she was out of the way and on our own property.  I told them that they had no reason to speak to her, she was out of the way and simply filming the encounter for my safety.  She was on our property the entire time.  Unfortunately when they asked her to move, the recording stopped.  So there is only a 7sec clip of me being cuffed.

I have scoured the internet for another case of someone being SWATted simply for having a firearm, and have yet to find anything.  I do have to say, even though the deputies were aggressive in their handling of questions, they did not allow the callers attempt at a further escalation sway the way that I was treated.  Their firearms never left their holsters and no one grabbed a long gun before coming to my backdoor.  So there is positive in this situation.  I have seen similar situation that have resulted in much more aggressive responses.

I will close with this.  If I could talk to the guy who called, I would ask him why he wanted me killed?  Why so cold and calculating that you made sure that they knew I had an “assault rifle” and that I was “Looking though the scope.”  You made sure to use just about every buzz word out there in an attempt to get the deputies to respond in an even more aggressive manner.  Someone that doesn’t know me in the least was advocating my death because of their own fears and insecurities.

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