You Have to Hear What This Connecticut Police Lieutenant Told a Caller About Gun Confiscation

February 27 2014
by GSL Staff
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First off, we haven’t 100% authenticated this call yet, but given the media coverage it’s gotten and the fact that we know there is a Lt. by the name mentioned in the video with the CT State Police we thought we’d go ahead and share it for discussion. Just to reiterate, we have not verified the authenticity of the call and do not have the identity of the caller.

Anyway, a woman who says her name is Ashley calls the Connecticut State Police to ask about a recent letter her husband got about failing to register “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” (those are the State of Connecticut’s terms, not ours).

We have no way to know if that is the truth or only the premise that the caller is using to speak to the Lt. What we do know is that what the Lt. said is definitely not encouraging if not downright disturbing.

On the call, Ashley asks if they police will come to her home and threaten her family if they fail to register their firearms. The Lt. said the State Police would follow any orders they received to enforce laws currently on the books.

The Lt. also calls the caller un-American at one point and also says he doesn’t want to talk about the Constitution.

The caller got a little preachy at the end of the call and got a bit off topic in my opinion, but that doesn’t take away from the Lt’s comments.

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According to some estimates, there could still be tens of thousands of Connecticut gun owners who have not yet registered firearms that are now considered “assault weapons” as well as magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

This has left many gun owners, politicians and commentators wondering what the state’s next move will be.

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