WTF: Photo of Suspect Arrested for Gun Crime Goes Viral as “Hottest Criminal Ever”

June 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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According to a Fox40 report, 4 men were arrested in a California operation meant to crack down on illegal guns (which cover a lot of guns in California).

One of the men though is in the news not for his alleged crimes, but for his looks. The mugshot photo has gotten literally hundreds of thousands of comments across multiple social media sources from admiring females. To be fair, possessing those guns wouldn’t be a crime in most other states.

Here is the original post from Fox40’s Facebook that has thousands of comments just on that one post.

Some of the comments made so far:

What a face, a shame he should have been modeling instead of breaking the law!

He is very sexy and good guys aren’t any fun so…..

He is very attractive those eyes

He’ll probably get a modeling gig from this!

Sexy!!! He is. Why a Criminal!!! He looks like a Model!!! Omg!!!

Damn he is sexy tho

He could be a model

Personally, I’d rather talk about the fact that the sights on this Smith and Wesson MP-15 that was seized in the bust are on backwards. Functionally it might not matter, but damn does it look stupid.


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