WTF: GA Police Chief Says Military is Switching to .40SW So His Dept Needs to Switch to 9mm

February 27 2014
by GSL Staff
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glockWTF, Over. OK, you want new pistols for your department. I get it. I do, but do we have to invent completely ridiculous nonsense in order to make that happen?

Let’s look at a story from Senoia, GA (where The Walking Dead is filmed). From the Times Herald,

“Over the past year we have had serious … difficulties finding .40-caliber ammunition,” said Senoia Police Chief Jason Edens. “We have been experiencing anything from six to eight months lead time” on getting their full order of both practice ammunition and “duty” ammo.

“It’s not obtainable by any department, not just ours,” Edens told the council.

Edens, and Councilman Jeff Fisher, said that the shortage of 40-caliber bullets is caused by the U.S. Military’s switch to the round.

“They are providing it to the military first… everybody else is second,” Fisher said.

First off, I’m sure there are some military units somewhere using .40SW. However, last time I checked the Beretta M9 was still the standard sidearm of most of the armed forces and to a lesser extent, the 1911 in some units. There is no way the military is buying up all of your .40.

Also, I was in Wal Mart the other day (in GA actually) and .40SW was actually one of the calibers they had an abundance of. Checking most of the major online retailers also reveals that bulk .40 is one of the more plentiful calibers. If you want new guns and want to change calibers you might want to come up with a better excuse than outright lying. Sounds like someone just wants to try out the Gen 4 Glocks.

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