WI Gun Shop/Range Trying New Business Model – Backgrounds Checks to Use Range and Membership for Gun Purchase

August 8 2012
by GSL Staff
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A Milwaukee, WI gun shop is trying a new business model designed to deter criminals from using their shooting range or trying to buy their guns.

First off, the gun shop does not display any guns in plain view.

Second in order to buy a gun, you must be a member of their shooting range. In order to become a member of the range you must display proficiency in firearms handing and safety or you have to take a class first.

Third, you also have to have a background check ran, even if you never plan on purchasing a firearm from the shop, they will still run a background check on you if you use their range.

This particular store and the family that owns it has been linked to several guns that have been used in crimes over the past decade.

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