What is Going on at CNN Lately? Reports on Guns Are Surprisingly Fair As of Late

June 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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Did CNN get bought out and no one knows about it? I’m not sure what has happened at CNN in the last few weeks, but the network referred to by many conservative Americans as the “Communist News Network” has taken a very sharp turn on their coverage of all things guns recently.

First off, the network announced that it as canceling Piers Morgan’s long running evening talk show. The British host regularly railed against guns, the NRA and gun owners. His sinking ratings, likely cause by his stance on guns (a fact Morgan himself acknowledged) was cited as one of the main reasons the show was canceled.

Then we’ve had a series of articles recently that seemed to show the network taking a somewhat fair approach in their coverage on gun rights.

We then saw CNN question a statistic about school shootings put out by Bloomberg’s newest gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety. The stat alleged that there have been 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook incident, but CNN found that only 15 of those fit the profile of real school shootings (our research showed that only one of those incidents could be classified as a “mass shooting”). CNN did use the stat the night before verifying it though, so there is an issue there. CNN also failed to correct an audience member who used the stat at a town hall interview with Hillary Clinton, but it’s possible the moderator was unaware that the stat was false.

Then CNN had a professor on with Jake Tapper whose statistics showed that over the course of the last 40 years mass shootings are not on the rise, but that the numbers have actually remained fairly flat when looked at over time. This isn’t the type of guest you would normally think of CNN as having on the air in the past (well, unless Piers Morgan was yelling at him).

Then just yesterday, CNN published a prominent editorial from Mel Robbins entitled “The real gun problem is mental health, not the NRA“, complete with a well produced accompanying video (shown above).

The news network even dedicated one of their featured article spots on their homepage to a profile of Joe Wilcox, the concealed carrier who was killed while trying to stop the cop killers in Vegas earlier this month (we’re still try to raise money for his family by the way, click here to donate).

Remember, this is the same network that seemingly wanted an AR-15 to be the gun used at the Navy Yard shooting incident. When it came out that is was actually a shotgun, CNN even went as far as to call the weapon an “AR-15 Shotgun” (see graphic below). Note: The reason we have blacked out the face of the suspect in this case is because we are taking part in the “Do Not Glorify” project. We will no longer show the faces or publish the names of spree killers.


Do I think CNN is “pro-gun” now? Of course not. As pointed out above, CNN still has some issues with their coverage of gun related news, but it does seem that someone at the network is at least attempting to get some real facts out there, which is somewhat commendable.

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