Wells Fargo Bank Manager Fired After She Was Found to be Legally Carrying Concealed Handgun

February 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - iStock_000018625930XSmallWells Fargo is making their stance on employees carrying firearms, even when done so legally, very clear by firing one of their own bank managers.

Ivette Ros is a longtime gun owner who grew up in a family that owned guns. She is legally licensed by the state of Florida to carry a gun. Florida’s concealed carry permit does require training as well.

However, those facts didn’t matter to Wells Fargo when it was discovered that Ros was carrying her handgun on the job. According to The Tampa Tribune,

Last year, someone noticed she had a gun in the bank and reported her to bank officials. Corporate security investigated, and she was fired for violating the bank’s ban on employees carrying weapons into the building.

“I am within my constitutional right,” Ros said. “The bank is one of the places that I am able to carry a weapon to. My weapon was concealed. I have a certified license.”

A Wells Fargo spokeswoman said the bank wouldn’t comment on a court case involving an employee. When it comes to employees carrying guns into the office, though, the company’s rules are clear, said Kathy Harrison, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman.

“Team members are strictly prohibited from possession of firearms and weapons on company premises,” Harrison said.

Ros is currently suing Wells Fargo in circuit court for monetary damages as well as attorney’s fees. She and her attorneys say her employer has no right to discriminate against her because she legally carried a firearm. The court case could be interesting as courts usually side with private property owners in cases like this.

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