Website Tries to Make it Seem Like George Zimmerman Shot a Puppy w/ Deceptive Headline

September 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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The entertainment/news website Opposing Views has many fans of its Facebook page crying foul over a recent headline on the page.

The post (embedded below) starts with the headline: “Zimmerman Shot and Killed Neighbor’s 8-Month-Old Puppy In Front of Children”

Obviously without context, and based on recent news surrounding George Zimmerman, the intent here was clear – to make it seem as though the recently acquitted George Zimmerman shot and killed a puppy.

However, if you click the story, you’ll find that it was actually a Christopher Zimmerman, of Ohio, and not George.

Here is the actual post from their Facebook page:

Based on recent news and publicity surrounding the George Zimmerman case how many people would see that headline on Facebook and immediately jump to the wrong conclusion?

Commenters sounded off in the comment area of the post. Here are just a few,

“Just keep stirring the pot…a holes….When vigilantes go and kill Zimmerman the blood will be on your hands….”

“Wow. Damn that is a misleading title.”

“I feel bad for anyone who happens to have the last name “Zimmerman” This is just POOR journalism for not stating the entire name in wake of what just happened…”

“Way to try and lead people into thinking its George. This site is really becoming a joke as far as being relevant/credible.”

“Shame on your for this! You KNOW most people who don’t have the intelligence to read an article before jumping to conclusions are going to repost causing a flurry of MISINFORMATION to be spread. Your lack of ethics continually disgusts me. Yes, I could unlike and stop commenting but that would just allow you to continue spreading lies without at least being held somewhat accountable.”

“Such a horrible story. But, I think making the headline misleading on purpose like that is shameful.”

“Very misleading title….you know what you were doing…could have said neighbor, but you are hoping to start a rumor.”

“OV I’m throwing you off my Facebook for this misinformation attempt.”

What do you think? Dirty pool or valid headline?

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