Washington D.C. Begins Issuing Carry Permits – All 8 of Them

January 28 2015
by GSL Staff
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As you’re probably aware, Washington D.C.’s complete ban on concealed carry outside of the home was struck down in federal court last year.

This meant that the district had to put a set of laws in place to allow concealed carry. However, the set of laws they chose isn’t much better than the complete ban.

The district is currently “may issue” and you have to show a “need” for a permit before one will be issued. Just wanting to carry a gun for self defense or living in a high crime area are not good enough reasons.

So far, the district has received 69 applications. Of those, only 8 have been approved.

Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon notes that this is an extremely tiny segment of the population:

The eight people legally allowed to carry a gun within city limits represent about .00001 percent of the 646,449 people the Census Bureau estimates reside in the city. The MPD did not provide any information about where the eight permittees reside, but there are non-residents represented among the 69 people who have applied for a permit.

I wonder how many of those 8 people are anti-gun politicians or bureaucrats who have a “no guns for you” outlook on life.

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