[Video] Texas Gun Store Owner Stops Possible Mass Shooting

November 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here’s a story that completely debunks the accusation that gun sellers are careless, blood thirsty, greed filled maniacs who will sell firearms to anyone and everyone with a few bucks in their pocket. Of course, we know that’s absolutely ridiculous, but that’s how the anti-gun lobby likes to portray gun dealers.

In this case, the diligence of one Austin, Texas gun shop owner, identified as Michael Cargill, may have prevented a mass shooting.

When a man entered Central Texas Gun Works and started acting strangely the owner was alerted to the situation by a signal from one of his employees. The man wanted to purchase a Sig Sauer handgun along with 1,500 rounds of ammunition. The potential customer made some very disturbing statements.

According to a local Fox affiliate:

“I know I look terrible. I just had the worst night of my life. (Inaudible) out of the hospital and all this terrible stuff happened. Awful. I don’t want to ever think about what happened last night. I’m not walking in this f***** town another minute without a gun on me,” the man says in the surveillance video.

“Before he fills out the paperwork, he tells me ‘You know what…I want a gun. I want this Sig. I want to make sure you guys have the ammunition for it. And I’m gonna go over there to that hospital and I’m going to shoot everyone in that hospital,” Cargill said.

“I’m gonna be back here in about an hour. I need 500 rounds of ball, 500 rounds of wadcutter, 500 rounds of the ones that explode. I’m gonna need some training rounds…(inaudible) you can shoot people with those and they’re fine,” the man said.

When it became clear what the man intended to do with the items, that’s when the shop owner triggered the silent alarm and kept the man talking until police arrived.

Officers arrived shortly after the alarm was triggered and detained the man. It turns out the man was a psych patient at a nearby hospital, but he was released due to a lack of beds at the facility.

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