[Video] Teen Suspended for Remainder of School Year for Pretending Hands Were Guns

June 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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A 14 year old Washington middle school student has been suspended for two weeks, the remainder of the school year, for the ghastly crime of using his hands like guns and pretending to shoot friends.

The mother of the boy says it was just a game among friends. She acknowledges the behavior may have been inappropriate for a school setting, but says the punishment is simply too severe for the “crime”.

According to Komonews.com,

“I am not questioning the suspension or the discipline actions. Definitely they should’ve done what they did, but I think it’s really extreme,” the mother explained. “Two weeks’ (suspension). That’s it. You don’t get to clean out your locker, you don’t get to finalize your grades. It’s like, ‘get your stuff, you’re done for the year.’”

The school is remaining tight lipped on the incident.

I’m pretty sure I would have been suspended approximately 2,341 times if I went to a modern public school.

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