[VIDEO] She’s a Pistol Gun Shop to Start Offering Classes Again After Fatal Robbery Attempt

January 31 2015
by GSL Staff
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sdfasdfAs you probably remember, earlier this month, She’s a Pistol gun shop and training company was the target of a violent armed robbery attempt. One of the owners of the score was shot and killed during a shootout with the suspects (the three suspects were also shot).

Just a few short weeks later, the surviving victim in the case says she’s ready to get back to teaching.

According to local media reports:

She’s A Pistol co-owner, Becky Bieker, will begin contacting customers Thursday to reschedule classes.

Bieker’s husband, Jon, was shot and killed during a robbery Jan. 9.

FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn reported that the owner is not sure when the store will reopen for business but Bieker wants to get back to teaching classes.

The three suspects are all facing 1st degree murder charges.

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