[Video] Self Defense Nightmare: 250-300 Teens Attack State Fair, 1 Killed, 99 Ejected, Multiple Arrests

February 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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When you train and mentally prepare for a self defense situation, you try to train for and think out as many possible scenarios as possible. However, how many people ever consider a situation in which you could be facing 250-300 possible assailants?

That’s what patrons at the Florida State Fair in Tampa faced last Friday.

According to media reports, 250-300 teenagers descended on the fair, stampeding through the grounds, engaging in physical fights, knocking people out, throwing objects at sheriff’s deputies and destroying property.

One elderly, wheelchair bound woman was knocked out of her chair and her purse was stolen.

The incident turned deadly when one of the teenagers, a 14 year old, was kicked out of the fair. He tried to flee the area by crossing a busy interstate and was struck by a car. He died of his injuries.

According to the Tampa Tribune,

“These kids get together and they’ll start with a small group of kids and they’ll begin to do what they call wilding … or raging,” [Sheriff] Previtera said. “What they do is they start to run. And the small group will start to run and everyone will join them and pretty quickly it becomes a stampede.”

This year, candy apples were snatched from concession stands and used like baseballs thrown at deputies, and one person picked up a metal hand truck and swung it at a deputy like a boomerang, dropping it before it hit its target.

No deputy was seriously injured. Deputies became swamped by the chaos, which began shortly after dark.

“We actually had deputies who witnessed crimes but couldn’t take any action because they couldn’t get to them,” Previtera said. “The crowds prevented them from getting to them.

Defending yourself and your family in such a situation would simply be a nightmare.

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