[Video] PsychoSuperMom Makes “Music Video” to Call Out Politicians on Gun Control

June 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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I’m going to use the term “music video” loosely here. I’m also going to use the term “singing” very loosely here.

In the above video, a Youtube user by the username PsychoSuperMom (yes, that is her actual username) “sings” a “song” in a “music video” (imagine all of those quotes are super sarcastic air quotes) calling out politicians for their lack of action on gun control.

Ironically, she calls out politicians for being afraid of getting voted out if they vote on gun control. If as many want gun control as the Bloomberg camp say, why would they be afraid of getting voted out? What happened to your 90%, never before seen in history, super majority?

Part of me wants to believe this video was made ironically, however a quick look at the PsychoSuperMom Youtube channel reveals other videos calling out “right wingers” and conservatives.

So, I guess us Libertarian gun owners don’t bother you then?

Here is the video description:

Channeling my inner disco diva to protest the gun lobby’s chokehold on legislators

Also, it should be noted that the “gun lobby” mentioned here is made up of the millions and millions of dues paying Americans who belong to the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, The Second Amendment Foundation, and countless grassroots organizations across the country.

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