[Video] Police Chief Shoots Himself After His Jacket Drawstring Causes Negligent Discharge

March 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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Clothing choices are important when carrying a firearm. You want to make sure your clothing allows for an easy draw and, perhaps more importantly, make sure your clothing can’t become lodged in your trigger guard.

A police chief learned the hard way that the chance of a negligent discharge created by clothing is a very real thing.

According to The Indy Channel,

Connersville Police Chief David Counceller was shopping at Wulff’s Gun Shop in January, searching for a deal on a handgun.

Counceller was looking at a .380-caliber handgun and pulled out his Glock 23 to compare it with other gun.

After he put the Glock back in his holster, Counceller tugged on his jacket. Within seconds, the Glock fired, striking him in the right leg. The incident was captured on store surveillance cameras.

“I’ve been in business 34 years. This is the first time that has happened or I’ve seen it happen,” said store owner Jim Wulff.

The Indy Channel article goes on to point a couple of other examples where the exact same thing has happened in the past.

In addition to drawstrings, I would encourage people who wear undershirts to make sure it stays in place around your holster as a bunched up section of clothing could have the same effect.

Be safe.

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