[Video] Owner of Armored Car Company Lets Employee Shoot at Him With an AK-47

November 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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You’ve certainly got to admire people who stand behind their products. In this case I mean that literally.

The President and CEO of an armored car company let one of his employees shoot at him with an AK-47 patterned rifle as he sat in the driver’s seat of one of the company’s cars.

Here is the description from the Youtube video:

This Is What It’s Like To Be Shot At With an AK 47 in a Mercedes Benz!

At Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) we take product testing EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. Assuring our clients’ safety is paramount to success in our industry, and batch-testing ballistic materials is critical in our QA process. Watch our latest video where TAC President and CEO Trent Kimball takes product testing to a whole new level.

Three things to remember about TAC:
1. We produce the world’s lightest weight armored passenger vehicles.
2. We set the standard for luxury, and our vehicles provide the absolute finest finishing available on the market.

3. By using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, our vehicles are simply stronger and safer than the competition.

Brilliant marketing move or carelessness with firearms? Or both?

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