[Video] One of Nutnfancy’s Best Videos – Recreation of Tom Cruise’s ‘Collateral’ Alley Shoot

June 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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In my experience of talking to people about what Youtubers they most enjoy of course Nutnfancy comes up. It seems most people either love him or hate him.

Personally, I enjoy many of his in-depth reviews. In my opinion, he does the in-depth table top review as well as anyone. His shooting videos are pretty good as well. He can be a bit long winded though, and this video is no exception.

In this video, Nutn and SWAT Officer and Combative Arts Instructor Jared Wihongi (who seems to be a certified badass), attempt to recreate the famous scene from Collateral in which Vincent, played by Tom Cruise, takes out two bad guys who have just stolen his briefcase.

I found this video to be both entertaining to watch as well as informative. Jared Wihongi is obviously an extremely knowledgeable dude and listening to his philosophies on close range combat are certainly insightful.

The humor is also pretty entertaining in this one. Maybe I had one too many beers last night while I was watching this, but the jokes were pretty entertaining.

Despite the length of this video, I found myself enjoying it throughout.

If you haven’t seen the clip from Collateral, here it is. Note: Tom Cruise did actually train with firearms instructors to accomplish this scene. It is all one take and it is actually Cruise in the scene, not a stunt double.

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