[Video] NRA News: Personal Training and Improvement With Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso

October 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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We’ve got another great video from the NRA commentators.

This time former Navy SEAL Dom Raso talks about the importance of training.

Video Transcript:

Lets talk about improving ourselves. The way we act, think, train, interact, and everything in between.

Because I see way too many people who think all they have to do for self-defense is go get a concealed carry permit, or just buy a gun, and call it good. It’s a start. Part of being a responsible gun owner is continuously training with your firearm. Like we always say, it’s never about the gun — it’s about the person behind it.

If you are serious about protecting your family or your assets, training needs to be a part of your life. Honestly if I ran a large corporation I would make personal protection training a part of coming into work, even if it’s just 10 minutes per day. That’s nothing! That is a cigarette break for a lot of people. And instead of sucking on a cancer stick you are taking in very important information that may save your life or someone else’s.

One of the things people always want to ask me as a SEAL is about the BUDs qualification process. Yeah, it’s pretty tough. But that’s just the beginning. A lot of people don’t realize how much training SEALs and special operations guys do after they’ve qualified. They are constantly working to become stronger, more efficient and smarter.

One of the quotes that I love is find something you would die for and living for it. Makes sense right? For some in special operations it is literally to go kill the bad guy, some just want to protect this country, and others want their kids to grow up in a better world. But regardless, they are motivated by something. Its up to you to figure out what drives you and motivates you to wake up everyday. Then get after it.

I truly do believe we are the greatest country in the world. Of course there are some countries that are better at some things and that’s great because its called competition. Something that keeps us humble and keeps us hungry. But the direction we are going with passing our problems off to the next person — expecting someone else to pick up our own slack — is degrading our society. It’s up to every one of us to be more responsible for ourselves and our loved ones — and that starts with something as simple as dusting off the gun that’s been sitting in your safe and training to use it.

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