[Video] NRA Calls Out Michael Bloomberg in New Video

April 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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The NRA is taking on Bloomberg head one with a recent video starring the NRA News contributors.

The theme of the video, Bloomberg is one man with millions, the NRA is millions with $25 (the cost of an NRA annual membership).

The media, and Bloomberg, like to portray the NRA as being primarily funded by the corporations behind the gun industry, however the NRA actually gets much of its capital from its members.

Currently, the NRA has over 5 million dues paying members. That means that American citizens give the NRA over $125 million every single year. That’s also not counting donations made by private individuals and other grassroots fundraising efforts by the organization.

It’s a good video and it shows how the NRA has evolved to take full advantage of the digital age. The NRA is now equipped with spokespeople and the technology to respond to anti-gunners within hours and days, something the organization was severely lacking just a few years ago.

As Dom Raso says at the end of the video, “Let’s see who crushes who”.

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