[Video] Moms Demand Action Kicked Off Target Property During Anti-Gun Protest

June 30 2014
by GSL Staff
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Whether you personally support open carry or not, we should all agree that the agenda of Moms Demand Action is not good for gun owners in general and anytime they fail to change gun policies it’s a good thing.

In this case, a group of the anti-gun activists in San Antonio, TX was asked to leave Target property. The group hoped to get signatures from customers on a petition asking Target to change its policy on openly carried firearms in their stores.

Target is not pro-gun, but the company does follow state and local laws. This means if open carry is legal in the area where there is a Target store, that style of carry will be allowed inside the store (same goes for concealed carry as well).

According to Fox San Antonio,

These moms were hoping to ask Target customers to sign a petition demanding change, but the store manager asked the group to leave.

Jamie Addams, a member of Moms Demand Action, said that although they were asked to leave, their fight is not over.

“That’s slightly frustrating to know that whoever allowed that to happen that a gun rally took place, but we were armed with clipboards and children and they asked us to leave,” she said.

Maybe someone should tell these Moms that you’re not “armed with children,” you should BE armed to protect those children.

This is the second time a group from Moms Demand Action was asked to leave a business. A group of handgun open carriers in Oklahoma was welcomed into an area Chitpotle (even after the company asked patrons to leave guns at home) while Moms Demand Action was asked to leave for making a scene.

For all of the talk of gun safety, it seems that Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety are awfully concerned with squaring off with law abiding gun owners and have not offered up a single solution to stop criminals.

We should also point out that Open Carry Texas no longer advises its members to carry long guns into private businesses, especially national chains.

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