[Video] Michael Bloomberg Gets Airtime on NBC to Call for More Gun Control Laws

June 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Former New York City Mayor and current billionaire Michael Bloomberg appeared on NBC News with David Gregory (you might remember Gregory as the news host who illegally brought a 30 round AR-15 magazine on set with him in Washington DC, but was never prosecuted). Apparently being a multi-billionaire former politician means you can get prime airtime with major news networks. Of course, the topic at hand was the Isla Vista mass killings.

Here are a few comments Bloomberg made during the “interview”.

We’ve had shootings on campus and at the same time, some states are passing laws to explicitly let people carry on campuses. I don’t know what you were like when you were in college, but my recollection of college 50 years ago is kids just should not have guns on campus.

The real problem here is we have too many guns in the hands of criminals, people with psychiatric problems — as this guy obviously did — and minors. And we’ve got to find some ways to stop that.

Well, you always have to have due process, and you can’t just go incarcerate people. Psychiatrists will tell you they can’t predict which people with mental illness will get a gun and start killing people, but you want to have laws that let you get a temporary restraining order.

It’s hard to do because if some people go to their private doctor and how do you find out about it? Nobody says any law is going to solve all the problems. What we do know is a lot of people with mental illness do things that are destructive to themselves and to others.

Besides his obvious dig at campus carry, Bloomberg further stated that temporary restraining orders and better background checks would prevent mentally ill people from obtaining firearms as often.

However, in the case at hand, the Isla Vista mass killings, it was revealed that the killer planned his attack for a long time. He bought his firearms nearly a year before the incident and even underwent California’s mandatory 10 day wait time to pick up his gun, so no temporary restraining order would have worked. California already has the universal background check law that Bloomberg is calling for, so that didn’t work. California even has a database of prohibited persons which is created from mental health records along with criminal records, but that didn’t help in this case. His family attempted to raise the red flag about his mental illness weeks and even months before the incident. There are already laws on the books that should have caught these things, yet they did not. Now you want to pass more laws which are only going to affect law abiding gun owners? Smart. Real smart.

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