[Video] Machine Gun Toting, Obscenity Speaking Chief Kessler Suspended Indefinitely, Termination Imminent

September 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Mark Kessler, the machine gun shooting, liberal bashing, obscenity speaking police chief who repeatedly made headlines over his Youtube videos has been suspended indefinitely according to the LA Times.

The Chief was originally serving a 30 day suspension, but that was boosted to an indefinite suspension late last week after the city council failed to take any action during the suspension.

Kessler is sure he’ll be terminated at this point.

According to the Times, there is mounting opposition to Kessler as the town police chief,

Kessler has admitted to using “some choice words.” But his videos — filmed in isolation, without hurting anyone — amounted to peaceful, harmless protest, he said.

“I hurt some eardrums — mostly mine,” Kessler said.

Keystone Progress, a statewide liberal advocacy group that has collected more than 23,000 signatures calling for the chief’s termination, said that Kessler had ties to a wider insurrection movement and that focusing only on his gun-rights advocacy or free speech issues missed the full story.

“He seems to want to take things into his own hands,” said Michael Morrill, executive director of Keystone Progress, adding that a termination could prove dangerous because some of Kessler’s supporters have called for violence as a retaliatory measure.

Kessler recently posed with with an AR-15 rifle in front of a billboard that was put up in town calling for his termination. He posted that photo publicly on his Facebook page (see below).


Here is one of Kessler’s Youtube videos in which he “apologizes” for his language in previous videos (language NSFW…obviously).

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