[Video] Local ABC News Station Says to Fake a Heart Attack During Home Invasion

November 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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An ABC affiliate out of Houston, Texas has some interesting advice for what to do during a home invasion.

Among other things, the station encourages victims to fake having a heart attack or a breathing problem. Basically – play dead.

If you do want to fight back, the station recommends pepper spray or a baseball bat.

The station says in the article accompanying the video that they intentionally did not mention firearms:

We specifically did not mention firearms. If you own one, you need to know how, when, and where to use it.

As we’ve documented here hundreds of times, even inexperienced firearms users fair better when they are armed against a violent aggressor. That said, you should absolutely get the best training you can afford.

There is some good advice in the video, such as having a plan in advance, making sure your family are all on the same page and keeping your keys/cell phone nearby at night.

Based on what this site is all about I think you know what my suggestions would be for home defense:

1. Keep firearms safely at hand.
2. Make sure you are trained in the proper use of those firearms. Be ready to fight for your life if needed.
3. Burglar alarms, automated lighting, and reinforced locks/doors can act as a “first line of defense” and buy you a few valuable moments. However, don’t rely on these measures to completely prevent or stop a break-in.
4. Dogs can be a great early warning system as well as a deterrent. However, owning a dog is a commitment you have to be ready to make.
5. As mentioned in the video, having a plan and keeping your cell phone and car keys nearby at night is also good advice.

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