[Video] LeBron James and Wife Savannah Ring in the New Year By Shooting Machine Guns at Range

January 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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LeBron James and wife Savannah spent at least part of their New Year’s Eve ringing in the new year with a bang…literally.

The Miami Heat superstar and his wife hit the range at Lock & Load Miami, firing a variety of fully automatic guns including an H&K MP5 and a M-249 SAW.

While the TMZ article that reported the event doesn’t say so, the firearms are almost certainly rentals from the range.

Many ranges that possess the proper licenses regularly rent fully automatic weapons for use on their range.

The James couple signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.

I haven’t seen any statements by James to say whether he is pro gun or not, but a video of one of the biggest sports stars in the world shooting machine guns just has to annoy the anti-gunners.

The following image was posted to Lock and Load Miami’s instagram account. Looks like Savannah has some tighter groups there…

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.00.55 PM

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