[Video] Kids Playing With Nerf Guns Issued Citations by Police

April 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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925px-NerfAmmoWAUSAU, Wisconsin – I guess it’s a good thing I’m not growing up now or I’d be getting cited by the police for playing with Nerf guns on a daily basis.

According to local media reports, a group of teens were having a “Nerf War”, that is shooting Nerf guns at each other in their neighborhood.

However, rather than being recognized as good, old fashioned fun, the cops were called and the participants were issued citations for “disorderly conduct.” According to WAOW,

Six students, all seniors, were cited for disorderly conduct.

“Our dispatch said there were three people with firearms,” said Bliven. “So we had to respond appropriately. We wanted to do everything as safe as possible for us and for the citizens in the area.”

The school has also placed some students on athletic probation. This isn’t the first time the Wausau school district has dealt with this game.

The local police further clarified their reasoning behind the issuing of citations. According to a second WAOW article,

“The basis for this decision was the disruption caused to the neighborhood, not the use of Nerf guns. This incident happened on Stevens Drive, in a residential neighborhood, on the side of the roadway. There was enough disruption to cause a neighbor’s attention to be drawn to see what was happening,” according to a news release from the police department.

I guess the message here is that kids should just stay inside glued to their video game consoles and social media accounts instead of getting outside in the fresh air and interacting with their peers.

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