[Video] Jon Stewart Mocks Open Carriers on The Daily Show

June 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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So this is where we’re at, getting made fun of on The Daily Show.

This is a six minute segment folks. On a 30 minute show. One of the most watched 30 minute shows in all of cable.

According to TheWrap.com, Stewart said the following about the NRA’s recent statement an retraction on open carry,

“Everyone’s scared of guns nuts. Even other gun nuts,” he said.

But then he started to worry about what would happen if someone brought a gun into a restaurant in a state with stand-your-ground laws allowing people who feel threatened to open fire.

“You have a right to carry a weapon,” he said. “That may cause a reasonable person to believe they are in danger of great bodily injury. And they have a right, if they feel that way, to respond with deadly force. It’s a perpetual violence machine. It’s gunfight at the Golden Corral.”

Does publicity such as this hurt gun rights fights across the country? Of course we have inherent rights and the Constitution protects those rights, but as our fellow gun owners in California, Connecticut, and New York can tell you, crapping on the Constitution seems to be in vogue among certain state governments.

We’ve also seen an unwillingness from the current Supreme Court to hear any gun carry cases, an if Obama gets to replace even one conservative justice we need to hope any gun rights cases stay far, far away from the Supreme Court.

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