[VIDEO] Jerry Miculek Shows Us Ridiculously Fast Shotgun Speed Reloading in Ultra Slow Motion

January 29 2015
by GSL Staff
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Watching Jerry Miculek handle a gun, any gun really, is pretty much the closest thing we get in the gun world to poetry.

In this video, which is shot at 14,000 FPS for the slow motion and 60 FPS for the standard shots we see just that.

Jerry shows us how quickly a properly equipped competition shotgun can be reloaded, and, of course, because it’s Jerry Miculek, he does it even faster than most.

Jerry Miculek is part of the Smith and Wesson competition shooting team. He is a Seven time USPSA 3-Gun National Championship, Four time USPSA Multi-gun National Championship, Twenty time International Revolver Champion, Eight time USPSA National Revolver Champion, and Ten time IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver Champion, among others.

Here is the video description:

erry shows off a unique way of loading a shotgun with stickloaders designed to get 4 shells back into the shotgun as quickly as possible. All filmed in 14,000 FPS high speed and played back at a glorious, silky smooth 60FPS for minimal motion blur.

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