[Video] Jerry Miculek 400 Meter Shooting With S&W M&P 9mm – FIRST SHOT HIT – WHAT!?

February 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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Jerry Miculek is freaking ridiculous. Just watch some of his videos on Youtube to see what I mean.

If you think these trick/amazing shots are something new or are completed through some kind of camera trick or editing just do a little research. Jerry has been doing the impossible with firearms for decades now. He was literally setting ridiculous world records before I was out of diapers.

In his latest video Jerry shows us what he can do with a pistol (I guess his recent videos have been getting too rifle heavy). The pistol in question is a M&P 9mm pistol.

So how far does Jerry shoot the popular polymer pistol? 100 meters? Nope that’s child’s play. 200 meters? Maybe 10 years ago that would have been cool. 300 meters? That would be pretty awesome, but screw that. Let’s put it at 400 meters.

So how many shots does it take him to make the shot? Surely he needed a few warmup shots in order to make this happen, right? Wrong.

First shot. Steel. That just happened. Jerry says he was aiming at least 35ft over the target in order to hit it at that range.

We will note it was a CORE M&P 9mm, which is a bit of a fancier version of the M&P 9mm, but still, damn.

Who wants to sponsor me so I can practice 10 hours a day for the next 10 years so I can catch Jerry?

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