[Video] James Yeager Does a 1000 Round Torture Test On a Kimber 1911

October 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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If you’ve ever seen some of James Yeager’s videos, you know that he is generally not a fan of 1911 style pistols.

Even so, he agreed to torture test Kimber’s 9mm 1911 after lubricating it with both Break Free Oil and Grease.

The 1911 did fairly well, although there were some failures. Most of the failures seem to be introduced by gloved hands, but still there were some failures.

Yeager ultimately gave the gun an A+ for reliability as it did make it through the 1,000 round test without breaking.

He says that the test still doesn’t change his opinion on 1911’s though.

What do you think about the classic handgun design? What are your experiences with the design’s reliability compared to more modern designs?

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