[Video] Gun Thieves in Florida Target Cars Parked at Gun Show

May 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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It looks like gun thieves are getting more and more targeted in their search to illegally acquire guns (funny that they aren’t going the legal route and submitted to those background checks the anti-gunners are so fond of).

A news report out of Florida said that four cars were broken into during broad daylight in a high traffic parking area for a gun show.

Thieves made off with guns, ammo, cameras, and other items along with causing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles in the process.

According to a local Fox affiliate,

The gun show took place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. According to police, a total of four cars were broken into on Saturday. The thieves took off with guns, a camera, ammunition, as well as other items.

“I had a laptop, computer accessories, a couple of duffel bags from my trunk were stolen,”said McNaughton.

A spokesperson with the Central Florida Fair said both the fair and promoter hired five off-duty officers for security last weekend, adding that the safety of their customers is more important than anything else.

“I was very surprised it happened at a gun show. The amount of police that were in the gun show made me feel like it was safer,” McNaughton said.

This is actually the second story we’ve found this week in which it appears that thieves are specifically targeting cars that might be more likely to have guns in them. Earlier this week we wrote about a story out of North Carolina in which it was found that thieves were targeting cars that had pro-gun stickers on them as well as cars parked near gun free zones, implying that law abiding citizens might leave their firearms in their cars.

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