[Video] Group of Bikers Prepare to Descend on Mexico to Free US Marine Jailed on Gun Charges

June 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is currently sitting in a Tijuana, Mexico jail facing gun charges when he mistakenly brought three firearms, all legally owned in the US, across the Mexican border.

Tahmooressi says he made a wrong turn. The Mexican government says he is a possible gun smuggler (despite the fact the weapons were all legally and personally owned by Tahmooressi).

A WhiteHouse.org petition asking the government to demand Tfdhbf release has gained more than 124,000 signatures.

Now a group of bikers is heading across the country and gaining supporters. The group plans to head into Mexico to do anything they can to help free Tahmooressi.

According to WesternJournalism.com,

The ride kicked off in Shiner, Texas, according to an interview with organizer John Harrington. While he said he isn’t sure what he and the other bikers will do when they arrive in Mexico, he insisted it will be more than what the federal government has done.

Harrington scoffed at Obama’s contention that he will leave no American soldier behind.

“He doesn’t leave traitors behind,” the biker stated. “He left four behind in Benghazi. He’s leaving our man behind here.”

As a display of support for Tahmooressi, Harrington said he was “willing for it to just be me holding a sign,” though he said any attempt to release the Marine will be more effective as the number of participants increases.

“I know that if you go with me, now I’ve increased my effectiveness by 100 percent,” he noted, once again explaining that he is unsure what the plan of action will be on the other side of the border.

“If I turn around and see 300,000 people behind me,” he concluded, “I might just go get him.”

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