[Video] FPSRussia Returns After 9 Month Hiatus! Bullpup 12 Gauge Shotgun

January 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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He’s back!

FPSRussia has released his first video in over 9 months.

You might remember in the spring of 2013, FPSRussia’s business partner, producer and FFL holder, Keith Ratliff, was murdered.

Following that incident, the ATF raided FPSRussia’s home in regards to his use of large amounts of Tannerite in his videos. Everything was in order as far as I know and nothing ever came of that.

Here is the video description:

I’m glad to finally be back, thanks to all of you who waited around for what seems like forever! We’ve had half a dozen production dates fall through for one reason another, so I promise you I’ve been as frustrated as anyone about the lack of videos. Hope you guys liked this one next week we’re breaking out the SCAR.

The gun is a Remington 870 in a Bullpup Unlimited chassis.

It sounds like everyone’s favorite faux Russian is back in action with several videos queued up and ready to go.

The video production values are really good in this video and there is excellent use of a high speed camera.

Welcome back!

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