[Video] FL Homeowner Shoots 500lb Black Bear That Broke Into His Home

October 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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While most of the stories we run on this site involve law abiding gun owners defending themselves against threats of the 2 legged variety, occasionally we have to run a story about a four legged threat.

In this case, a Florida homeowner had to use deadly force to defend himself from a 500lb black bear who literally broke into his home.

According to WFTV,

“It was the biggest bear I have ever seen,” said Peters…

“…I was very scared. I figured when I yelled it would take off, but it didn’t. It just looked right at me and started coming toward the window, where I was at, so that’s when I fired,” Peters said.

Peters said the night before, the bear trashed his porch. “It messed a bunch of stuff up and knocked over the dog food. Ate about half of it,” he said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating the incident to see if the killing of the bear was justified. However, Peters, who actually worked as a wildlife officer for nearly 30 years doesn’t think he will be charged for the shooting.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t use lethal force on a 500lb animal that broke into their home.

UPDATE: Peters said in a comment on this article that he used “a 45-70 Govt. with a 330 grain Hornady round” to neutralize the bear.

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