[Video] David Letterman Bashes Private Handgun Ownership, Anderson Cooper the Voice of Reason (WHAT?)

June 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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David Letterman bashed private gun ownership on his late night talk shot the other night and surprisingly, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper stepped up to be the voice of reason.

“I think daily in this country a child or an underage boy or girl is shot and killed by a gun. And then we had the situation in Santa Barbara, CA where a fellow was unbalanced and killed people then killed himself.”

“I certainly thought that Newtown was going to be the landmark, changing touchstone point in this country where we changed our understanding and awareness about gun ownership and how to improve, not eliminate guns — how to improve. But now we’ve just become inured with this.”

“People are shot and killed each and every day by private handgun ownership. This — you can’t tell me this is an insoluble problem.”

Letterman then had to point out that because he has a fascination with single action revolvers that he’s obviously not anti-gun.

“I was in a store a couple of weeks ago — a million guns, automatic rifles, 9 millimeter pistols, a complete arsenal,” he added. “And I was looking at old west cowboy six-shooter guns. I was fascinating by them so, I’m not anti-gun. But for the love of [—], when are we going to do something about this nonsense I mean don’t you think that we can have them?”

Surprisingly, Anderson Cooper was the voice of reason in this discussion saying that there are good people with good points on both sides of the debate.

Cooper also pointed out the recent Isla Vista killings including stabbing victims and pointed out that the killer in that case went through California’s extremely restrictive purchase process to buy his firearms legally, highlighting that virtually no gun control law could have prevented this situation.

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