[VIDEO] Cop in Ohio Praises Armed Citizen for Carrying a Gun During Traffic Stop

February 2 2015
by GSL Staff
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With all of the negative stories about police officers in the news it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of good, upstanding officers out there.

Case in point, a man in Ohio was pulled over for a traffic violation. The man recorded the encounter with a camera from his passenger seat.

Rather than the cop giving the man a hard time, he actually praised him for obtaining his carry permit and carrying a firearm.

Here is the description that was posted to Youtube along with the video:

Jackson township ,canton Ohio ..I was speeding 15 over the limit. I advised Him I was carrying and he was nice enough to give me a warning and then compliment me for carrying ..nice cop!

The officer cites an increase in violent crime calls as the primary reasons that he supports concealed carry.

Well done officer!

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