[Video] Conservative Group and NRA Rush to Senator Ayotte’s Aid in NH After Numerous Anti Gun Ads Air

May 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his anti gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, have been targeting New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte with ads in her home state demonizing her for her common sense vote against the Toomey-Manchin background check legislation last month.

Bloomberg is planning on spending millions upon millions of dollars of his multi billion dollar fortune to target pro gun lawmakers in the coming years.

Now other groups are stepping up to aid Ayotte on the New Hampshire airwaves.

Both the NRA and The American Future Fund (AFF) are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the videos you see in this article in front of the eyes of New Hampshire voters.

If anyone should know what it takes to reduce crime it should be Ayotte. During her time as assistant attorney general of NH she personally prosecuted and won several high profile murder cases, even pushing for the death penalty in a cop killer case.

During her time as Attorney General of NH, NH’s crime rate was one of the three LOWEST in the entire country. It should also be noted NH has some of the most gun friendly laws in the country. NH is considered to be even more gun friendly than the so called leader in gun rights, Texas. In NH any law abiding citizen can legally openly carry a firearm without any sort of permit, something you can’t do even in most gun friendly states such as Texas, Georgia, Florida and others.

Here is the NRA’s ad and you can see the AFF ad above.

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