[Video] BREAKING: Biden Says Big Push For Gun Control Coming This Year

May 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to POLITICO’s Mike Allen, Vice President Joe “Double Barrel” Biden has made it clear that the Obama administration will be making a hard push for more gun control before the year is over.

The vice president said the administration is planning to reopen the issue following the debate on immigration.

Biden is also expected to travel to state’s that have senators which the Obama administration feel can be coerced into supporting more gun control.

It is unclear why the administration would be making this pitch this year, before midterm elections.

Perhaps Democrats are so confident in their public opinion poll numbers that they think they can hurt Republicans in the 2014 elections by bringing the gun control issue back up closer to election time.

Remember, the 2014 midterm elections will be the most important election in regards to gun rights in modern history.

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