[VIDEO] BREAKING: 4chan Trolls Zimmerman Trial During Skype Testimony

July 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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In the latest weirdness that is the circus of the George Zimmerman trial, users of the image sharing site, 4chan, trolled (or pranked for non net savvy readers) the Zimmerman trial during the remote testimony of George Zimmerman’s former criminal justice professor.

The witness, Gordon Scott Pleasants, was repeatedly interrupted by users calling the Skype number he was testifying from. Allegedly some pranksters got a hold of the number in advance and planned to call in during the testimony, which was broadcast on national television.

Users with the names Salman Talpur and Marcus placed numerous calls to the line, effectively interrupting the testimony. The witness ultimately had to call back on a standard phone line to avoid the interruptions.

The judge’s lack of understanding of Skype and reaction to the events is being considered humorous by some.

Some commentators are wondering if the offenders can be tracked down if they could be charged with interrupting court, obstruction of justice or other charges.

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