[Video] Apparently, This is How Cross Eye Dominant Police Shoot in South Africa

June 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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Don't try this at home. Seriously, if you dislocate your jaw because you tried this idiotic firing method, don't blame me.

So cross eye dominance is a real problem in the shooting world. This occurs when your dominant eye is opposite your dominant hand.

According to a US Concealed Carry article,

It is believed that 85-90 percent of the world’s population is right handed. However, about 2/3 of the population is right eye dominant, and 1/3 is left eye dominant. Only a small number (thought to be around 1 percent) have no dominance by either eye.

In a study conducted in the early 1960s, more than 5,000 subjects were tested for eye dominance and almost one third were cross dominant. In that study, 28.6 percent were right handed, but left eyed. Only 3.9 percent were left handed and right eyed. In my experience, females are far more likely to be cross dominant, for reasons as yet unknown. In some groups of females we have trained, as many as one in four were cross dominant.

Many shooters will learn how to shoot with their opposite hand for shooting long guns. For handguns, there are some tricks you can employ.

However, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone attempt to use the shooting method in the video above before.

First off, if you are going to fire the gun that way, why don’t you fold that stock. It is a folding stock. If your accuracy is going to suck you could at least not get hit in the face by the stock on every shot.

Also, the look of terror from getting hit in the face on every shot seems to be very real with this guy.

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