[Video] Angela Giron Loses It on CNN After Being Recalled, Blames Colorado Voters for Loss

September 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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Well, we already from heard from the other recalled Colorado State Senator John Morse who was also recalled this week in a sweeping victory for gun rights.

Morse alleged voter suppression, mainly because he said that voters didn’t have access to mail-in ballots. Not really sure if mail in ballots are usually used in a special election that was organized in less than 2 months, but anyway.

Now his colleague, also recalled Colorado State Senator, Angela Giron is singing the same tune as Morse.

Giron lost her cool in a recent interview on CNN, going off topic and ranting about voter suppression.

Giron brough up the same mail in ballot issue that Morse brought up, but Giron also alleged that Colorado voters were confused about what the recall was about.

She said if voters realized that the recall was over strict universal background check legislation and limiting magazine capacity in guns they would have had no problems voting for her.

So… Angela… are you saying your supporters aren’t intelligent enough to understand your position and that’s why they didn’t show up at the polls? Really?

Well, it didn’t seem like the people voting against you had any trouble understanding the issues. They also didn’t have any trouble making it to the polls.

Giron also brought up the NRA and their influence on the recall process. The NRA did donate a little over $100,000 to the effort, which was mainly used for mailers.

However, Giron did not bring up the fact that both she and Morse received over $500,000 from anti-gun billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad as well as receiving hundreds of thousands from Democratic Super PACs.

Some estimates say that Democrats outspent recall supporters 5 to 1.

I guess ignorance really is bliss for these recalled politicians.

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