[Video] Adam Kokesh Carries Loaded Shotgun in Washington, DC

July 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 5.14.34 PMLibertarian activist, Adam Kokesh had organized an armed march on Washington, DC, in which participants, with long guns slung, would walk from Virginia into Washington, DC in a massive act of civil disobedience.

After numerous concerns about safety were made and the police made it clear they would forcefully arrest anyone participating, Kokes (smartly) called off the march.

However, always the maverick, Kokesh went ahead and carried out the march in another way.

In the above video Kokesh can be seen loading a pump action shotgun and chambering a round with the Capitol Building in the background. Kokesh likely committed several felonies in the video.

According to the video it was shot in Freedom Plaza, between the White House and the Capitol.

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