[Video] 9 Year Epileptic Boy Suspended Indefinitely For Allegedly Pretending Toy Was a Gun

September 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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Here we have yet another example of anti-gun hysteria running rampant in our schools.

Over the last week, the two boys who were essentially expelled for playing with Airsoft guns on private property near a school bus stop got the most attention, which is probably why this story has fallen through the cracks.

According to WJBK, a nine year old boy in Southgate, Michigan has been suspended indefinitely for allegedly pretending a toy spinning top was a gun while at school.

The boy’s parents were called to come and pick the boy up during school hours because he allegedly pretended the winding mechanism for the top was a gun.

Other students told the boys parents no such incident happened and the boys were simply playing with the toy.

According to the media report,

Gage’s parents say he suffers from epilepsy and school hours are critical to grasping reading and writing, and now they are not sure when – or if – Gage will be allowed to return to class. They say he’s a good kid who always does his work, has plenty of friends and has never been in any other kind of trouble.

Even if the kid did pretend the toy was a gun, is that really such a big deal? I’m not that old and I remember playing make believe games involving make believe guns at recess.

Think this is an isolated issue? Think again. We already mentioned the two boys above, but take a minute to browse through the list of stories below to get an idea of how far reaching this problem is becoming in our schools.

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