[Video] .22LR Consistently Hitting Target at 500 Yards, Yep, 500 Yards

March 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Everyone knows .22LR is an extremely versatile round. Apparently literally everyone and their mother knows this now based on 22LR availability.

It’s commonly known that out of a rifle 22LR does a really good job at shots inside of 100 yards and some higher end rifles with match ammo can consistently shoot sub MOA when the shooter does their part.

We know these things. Most of us have experienced these things plinking as kids, hitting the range and doing small game hunting with our favorite 22 rifles.

However, just how far can 22LR be shot with some level of consistent accuracy?

Youtube gun stars 22plinkster and IraqVeteran8888 wanted to figure that out, and you can see the results in the above video.

Here is the description from the video,

This was a very unscientific experiment. We first shot at 600 yards, but the results were not consistant [sic]. We could consistantly [sic] hit a 21 X 24 inch target at 500 yards. With the right set up, you can achieve similar results. I want to thank Eric and Chad for coming out and doing a little “redneck experiment” with me.

This video is sort of a follow up to a video made by IraqVeteran8888 a couple of years ago that showed that 22LR, fired from a rifle, could be lethal all the way to 400 yards using the old school pine board test. You can watch that video below.

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