US Banks – Keep Your Legal Guns Out of Our Banks – Or Else

July 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to Ammoland via Wisconsin Carry, US Bancorp, owner of US Banks one of the larger banking companies in the Midwest, has told a customer, in no uncertain terms, that their policy is to ban the legal carry of firearms in their bank – or else.

us_bancorp_logoIn a letter to an unnamed customer the bank makes clear their position.

US Bank learned that you MAY HAVE carried a weapon on to US Bank premises.

US Bank Policy states that “The possession of weapons is prohibited on US Bank premises. Accordingly, please refrain from bringing any weapon onto US Bank premises in the future. FURTHER ACTION will be taken if a US Bank employee observes or learns that you OR ANY OTHER CUSTOMER is in possession of a weapon on US Bank premises

We’re not sure what they FURTHER ACTION would be in states where banks can’t explicitly ban firearms. Maybe US Banks would have their own customers charged with criminal trespass.

US Banks is choosing to take a hardline approach on the subject while many other banks have recently adopted policies that follow local law where the bank is located and allowing legal carry where applicable.

Here is a link to a scanned copy of the letter in question: click here.

The bank can be reached at the following address and Facebook page:

The Office of the Corporate Secretary
U.S. Bancorp
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402-4302

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