UK Reporters Print 3D Gun, Smuggle It Into France, Breaking Numerous Laws & Write Hit Piece

May 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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Reporters from the UK Daily Mail have broken numerous UK and French laws after using a 3D printer to print a Liberator 3D gun and then smuggling it aboard a train to Paris from the UK.

The reporters were trying to show how easily the gun could be smuggled past metal detectors, however they admit they did not include the metal firing pin, any ammunition, or the 6oz piece of metal included in the design, all of which would have more than likely set off a metal detector.

The reporters did however break numerous international arms import/export laws, gun manufacturing laws in Britain, and illegal gun possession laws in both Britain and France.

The point of the article seems to be a hit piece on the technology, calling it dangerous and troublesome for security.

What no one seems to be pointing out is that the gun needs rounds in order to fire. Bullets and casings are made out of metal, which is detectable by metal detectors. The gun also requires a firing pin, also metal, adding to the overall metal content of the firearm.

It is unclear if these UK journalists will face any charges or if they will get the “David Gregory” treatment from their government.

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