TX Homeowner Shoots 3 People Who Were Firing a Gun Out of a Car; Homeowner is Charged

February 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock - gun in handNot sure how I feel about this one and I think need quite a few more details to make a decision on it. For now, we won’t classify this one as a defensive gun use.

According to local media reports, a homeowner in San Antonio heard gunshots outside of his home. The homeowner armed himself and went outside to investigate.

Outside, the homeowner saw a vehicle with the windows rolled down and he believed someone was about to shoot him from inside the vehicle, so he opened fire.

The homeowner struck all three people inside the vehicle. According to Fox San Antonio,

The driver was shot in the neck. He crashed through a fence and into a home.

The woman in the front seat was hit in the arm.

She and the driver were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center.

The man in the back seat ran off, but eventually showed up to the emergency room at Northeast Baptist Hospital with a wound to the arm.

It turns out the occupants of the car were driving around and firing a gun out the window of the vehicle into the air.

Like I said, not sure how I feel about this one and I need to know the exact series of events here. Regardless of whether the homeowner should have shot or not, the people in car were obviously idiotic and careless with their actions by driving around firing a gun in the air.

What’s that saying again? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

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