Two Houston, TX Area Schools Suspend Gun Safety Classes Because They are NRA Sponsored

May 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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Wouldn’t have expected this in Texas.

Two schools in the Houston area have canceled all upcoming gun safety classes after learning that the NRA was the creator of the programs.

According to local media, the school administrators were unaware the NRA was behind the events and did not want to associate themselves with the group as they were afraid the connection could be taken as them taking sides in the gun control debate.

It is not clear if the NRA’s Eddie the Eagle mascot would be teaching the courses, as is usually customary.

According to,

The group’s release said nearly 3 million school children in Texas have heard the gun-safety presentation over the last 25 years. The program, according to the NRA, typically involves its Eddie the Eagle mascot in costume, delivering this message to kids who may come across guns: “Stop! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

It is unclear if the school will replace the gun safety courses with other, non NRA courses or if students simply won’t be educated on gun safety.

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