Two California Teenagers Arrested Over Plot to Commit Mass Shooting at Their High School

August 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here is a great example of how paying a little bit of attention can go a long way. While many people want to point to gun control as the best way to stop school shootings, often school, family, and community involvement is a far better solution.

In this case, two teenagers in California were arrested for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at their high school. The plot was reported to authorities by school officials, although it hasn’t been revealed exactly how they learned about the plan.

According to the Pasadena Star News,

He would not elaborate on the plans or what form they took, but Solinsky said they were “very specific” and included named targets.

“This is a prime example of school officials recognizing suspicious behavior,” Solinsky said in a statement. “It was this information that helped prevent a horrific tragedy.”

Police found no weapons in either of the student’s possession or in their homes, authorities said.

“Any time something like this comes up, it certainly causes great concern, not just for South Pasadena, but public schools across the country,” South Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent Geoff Yantz said.

This is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when educators and family members are involved in the lives of young people. There is no reason to infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners when simply paying more attention to young adults yields better results.

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